NPP vows to serve and protect the people, state and minority communities in the face of HNLC threats



Reasserting the power of democracy, National People’s Party (NPP) President Conrad Sangma requested all party members to be courageous in the face of the October 4 IED bomb threat at the NPP party office in Lower Lachumiere.

Addressing a gathering at a function to declare Lamphrang Blah as the NPP candidate for the Mawphlang bye-poll, Sangma made a fervent appeal to people to not be afraid.

He said, “I will tell the people of NPP to be strong. We are here to fight for our people; we are here to ensure that we take our state forward. I can assure you that we are all with you”.

He assured that the entire cabinet, the party leaders, and himself as the party president and the chief minister will take whatever steps necessary to ensure that the situation is taken care of.

He hinted that the threats made by the Hynñiewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) have a surreptitious political colour.

Sangma said, “One day before Myntri Blah is supposed to join, somebody comes out with a statement like this. After the power from above, the power that God has, second to that is only the power and will of the people. There is no other strength that is more powerful than democracy, there is no other strength that is more powerful than the power of the people, so please don’t put these kinds of challenges”.

Sangma confidently said that not a single life has been lost in the last three-and-a-half years, as the government has maintained law and order by taking the people into confidence.

National Vice President of NPP and Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong made an appeal for people to join the party as well.

He said, “There are many who called me as they are scared, but we will stand firm on our principles. Don’t be afraid; we will move ahead to serve the people, the state and minority communities not just in Northeast but in the entire India”.

It may be mentioned that the HNLC also asked party workers of the NPP to resign from the party within a month, failing which “the Council will take strong measures against the higher-ups office bearers of the NPP in Khasi as well as in Jaintia Hills. Those who go against this warning will need not ask any questions or seek any answers from the HNLC”.

Strong expectations for Blah victory

At the programme, State NPP President W.R. Kharlukhi was the one to declare Blah as the candidate of the party from the Mawphlang constituency.

Speaking at the programme on Tuesday, Blah, who was a former Congress district council member and also won the Mawphlang–Diengiei constituency in four terms, expressed his delight at joining another national party.

Blah said, “I don’t have any other intention, but to give my best service to the people of this constituency through this party”.

Sangma hoped that Blah would win the constituency as well as the other constituencies – Rajabala and Mawryngkneng.

“I am very confident that when the results come out on November 2, the National People’s Party will sweep all three seats. With all the support, we will be able to win and achieve the target”, he said.

Tynsong said that Blah has the right experience as a politician. It should be noted that Blah will be challenged by political novice Eugeneson Lyngdoh, whose father S.K. Sunn once occupied the seat.

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