About Us

TNT – The Northeast Today is the Northeast’s first fully digital news portal.

Launched in August 2007, it started off as a print magazine that went on to become widely popular. The digital avatar of TNT – The Northeast Today – www.thenortheasttoday.com soon followed and today reaches out to over half a million viewers every month. These staggering numbers makes TNT – The Northeast Today is the largest website from the Northeast (as per Alexa.com)

The graph mapping the growth of TNT- The Northeast Today are indicative of the ambition the brand has to become the leader and the commitment its Team displays in achieving this goal. TNT – The Northeast Today magazine, when in print, was the largest circulated and read magazine in the region. Now www.thenortheasttoday.com strives to be the largest read news portal in / from the region.

Run by a group of ‘Quiet Pros’ who with intense fire in the belly to deliver harder make the portal a success story that few can boast of or replicate, though quite a few attempt. Acting as the eyes and ears of the region, the team’s main aim is to serve the people of the region. Covering topics of relevant importance to the ever changing complexity of the world at large and region in particular Current Updates, Politics, Entertainment, Culture, Food, Sports, Opinions and a special emphasis to Music, which is the soul of the region, are focused on. Disseminating up-to-date happenings from around the region, 24 hours before the morning newspaper, is a challenge but then when you are just a step behind the leader, you cannot rest till you get there.

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Pradyot Bikram Manikya Deb Barma

Head of the Royal House of Tripura, Politician, Entrepreneur… constantly absorbing information, always brimming with ideas and forever up- in-arms for a cause, the Maharaja is the driving force of the Desk.

(Email: editor@thenortheasttoday.com)


Editor of Shillong’s leading newspaper Ms. Patricia Mukhim is both “fun and fearless”. Well-read, always-on-the-move and opinionated, she is a storm that gives the Desk a good stir.

(Email: patricia.mukhim@gmail.com)

MANAGING EDITOR: Shweta Raj Kanwar

An award winning journalist, Shweta is vivacious, opinionated and ambitious. .. alive and always ready to kick up a storm for a social cause. A silent professional, jolly and a hardworking person.

(Email: shweta@thenortheasttoday.com)

NEWS EDITOR: Ibankyntiew Mawrie


Always on the move and a jolly person, Iban is a daring lady and not one to mess with. ‘Actions speak louder than words’ is a rule that applies to her!

(Email: Iban@thenortheasttoday.com)

ASSOCIATE EDITOR: Christopher Gatphoh

Mr. Dependable. That’s Chris! Politics of the Northeast is what keeps him going during work hours. Investigative journalism is what keeps him occupied post work. His alias is Special Agent.

(Email: christopher@thenortheasttoday.com)


1. Natasha Dkhar


Natasha aka Natz is an upcoming journalist from Meghalaya. A teacher turned journo, she is on a mission to expose the truth keeping in mind the ethics of journalism.

(email: natashadkhar11@gmail.com)

2. Mewanshwa Kharshiing (Sub Editor/Photographer/Graphic Designer/Videographer)

Mewan is a quiet pro- a sincere, humble guy with an exceptional flair for photography and video editing, he is the man to go to for all the creative graphics that adds life and colour to our website. With a mission to spread social awareness through astounding graphics, he has become an integral part of TNT-The Northeast Today in a very short span of time.



  1. Jessica Passah
  2. Priyanka Deb Barman
  3. Debraj Deb
  4. Biplab Dey
  5. Ritu Raj Boruah
  6. Yougan Tamang