Meghalaya: In favour of strengthening Health infrastructure, says Hek


Health Minister Alexander Laloo Hek was in favour of strengthening the existing Health infrastructure rather than spending on creating pre-fab structure but while clearing the air of disagreement saying that the government’s decision is for the betterment of the people.

The Ministry of Development of North-Eastern Region (DoNER) has sanctioned Rs 6.7 crore, for setting up corona health facility to be located in Shillong and Tura. 

Speaking to a section of reporters, Hek said, “If we make the temporary pre-fab structure, then we have to demolish (the structure) again. We have the existing building and health care infrastructure, and if it is feasible to spend the amount to strengthen the health care infrastructure or any existing building of the government.”

However, he maintained he is not against the idea of a pre-fab structure as the government is working towards the public’s welfare in whatever way possible.

“I am not saying that the government should not build it but my suggestion is that if we have the alternative, then we should find out the alternative,” Hek said.

Asked if he is disappointed that the government pursued the pre-fab building despite his suggestion to strengthen the existing health infrastructure, Hek brushed aside the negativity saying that the government is working for public interest.

“I don’t have to be disappointed. Those who are going ahead are working for the benefit of the people. Even if my suggestion is taken, then it is still for the benefit of the people. All of us are in the same role, same pace, our motive is to serve the people. Government should see what is best for the people,” he said.

For accommodation of health care workers, Hek said that accommodation of health care workers has been discussed in the review meeting.

“Government will take a call to plan for accommodation. Some of the health care workers have old parents, and children. These health workers are apprehensive of meeting them,” he said.

As for helping the people, the Health Minister added that there have been discussions on helping the daily wage labourers and other poor section of people who are suffering financially because of the pandemic.

(Edited by Christopher Gatphoh)

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