People want strong reforms in GHADC, says Meghalaya CM

Commenting on the 2023 elections, he said it is a different ball game altogether and there will be different factors contributing to it.

Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma on Saturday said that the people’s mandate in the recently concluded elections is a sign that the people want strong reforms in the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council (GHADC).

Speaking to reporters about bringing in reforms in the GHADC, he said that the GHADC has no service rules despite 60 years of existence, rendering the recruitment and promotion process and other aspects unclear.

“Service rules are very important. Similarly, there are several financial rules, policies to be made. All these will be done in a time-bound manner. So we are going to ensure that we bring in important and strict reforms so that the overall working and administrative reforms that we want in the Council will take place,” he said.

Out of 29 MDCs, 25 incumbent MDCs lost the election, and he said that it reflects that people wanted a change.

Asked whether the aspect of non-tribals contesting the elections will be discussed, the CM said that it is an issue that will be discussed with everybody.

“We have always maintained that we need to carry people along and it requires broad consultation and see how we could come to a unanimous decision and understanding,” he said.

With BJP not part of the Garo Hills Democratic Coalition (GHADC) even though the BJP with two MLAs is an ally in the MDA led government, the CM said that every election is fought on its own terms and conditions.

“It is unnecessary that in every election, we will be in coalition together so in this election and this council, the coalition partners that have come together have decided that they want to be 15 and they want to work towards a small and stable government and we respect the decision of the MDCs,” he said.

Further, Sangma said that the NPP will not be imposing any certain decision on the MDCs as they will run the coalition.

Commenting on the 2023 elections, he said it is a different ball game altogether and there will be different factors contributing to it.

Sangma said, “We have one year and 8 months to show that we work hard at the grassroots level, so it is also a pleasant experience for us to see. But all elections are different and they are fought on different issues and agendas.”

Mawryngkneng and Rajabala by-polls

On the Mawryngkneng and Rajabala seats that were left vacant following the demise of sitting MLAs, David Nongrum and Azad Zaman, respectively.

The Chief Minister said, “We are preparing for it now and we are waiting for the formation of the executive committee and once it is done, the party will have meetings and discussions, the elections have not been announced yet and we are waiting for that.”

(Edited by Laxmi Chyrmang)

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