Meet this creative cabbie from Shillong - Adhering to protocols in Style

His name is Gautam Gurung. He has been driving the local taxi in the streets of Shillong for more than 15 years. 

By Nikita Gadal | SHILLONG: 

A taxi driver from Shillong is grabbing many eyeballs with his innovative approach of ensuring the safety of his passengers, including himself. 

Meet this 41-yr-old taxi driver from Shillong, whose concern for the health and welfare of his passengers is one step ahead of others. 

His name is Gautam Gurung. He has been driving the local taxi in the streets of Shillong for more than 15 years. 

Given the pandemic situation, the safety of the people is of utmost importance while carrying out several economic activities and, public transportation is one of them. 

Gautam Gurung

Going the extra mile: 

Unlike other taxi drivers, Gurung adopted a new method of ensuring the passengers are automatically well-sanitised before starting the journey. 

He installed an automatic sanitising device in his car, having four nozzles placed just above the seats. The door on the driver's side is automatically connected to all the nozzles through which the sanitiser is dispersed. 

The installation of this automatic sanitising device has got commuters talking.


Gurung recalls how decades ago, as a class 3 student, he had received an award from the former chief minister of Meghalaya (L) P.A Sangma for his innovation. 

Family responsibilities hindered him from further pursuing his academic career, but his flair for the creative arts and sciences was not lost. 

A couple of years ago, his suggestions to help curb the traffic in Shillong were also well-received by the authorities and found space in various media outlets. 

The innovative driver believes that his passengers' safety is of utmost importance to him during the pandemic. 

"The second wave of the pandemic has proven to be a disaster to the country and the world, but I thought that we should come up with something new to help curb the situation. People nowadays don't feel safe while hiring a taxi. So I thought that they should at least feel safe while hiring mine." 

Gautam believes that if we collectively take responsible steps, the country can deal with the pandemic more effectively. 

The story of Gautam as a responsible citizen amidst the COVID-19 pandemic serves as an example for others.

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