OPINION | When will elementary school education return to normal? 

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” - Nelson Mandela.

By Marvin Kharsohnoh | SHILLONG: 

Academic institutions are the backbone of education, meant to give students a ray of hope and light to become individuals that are strong and independent, in the future.

Despite the unforeseen circumstances we are unaware of and, given the present situation, one may ponder upon whether elementary school education will ever return to normalcy as schools remain shut during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

Should we wait for “The End”  of the crisis or, should we start acting differently? Are we doing enough and making efforts to educate the children? Whatever the situation may be, the future looks bleak, if we choose to remain quiet and do nothing about it. 

Behind the curtain, school authorities are trying their best to communicate with their students at different levels - by upgrading the teaching contrivances of their teachers and equipping them with e-teaching techniques.

E-learning or online education is the best way to impart education to students at the moment despite the complaints and challenges, but it must be assured that it reaches every corner of the community. There should be a system that is constructive and would pave the way for the future generation.

Social media tools serve as a privilege nowadays as they facilitate the spread of online education in multiple ways. Meanwhile, young students must also be engaged in physical activities, and a sense of self-learning must be cultivated even at home. This will help draw their minds to a rhythm they have once adapted to. 

In breaking the stigma of constant fear and anxiety we are battling at this moment, we must learn to cope with the situation around us and to build courage and strength to fight the COVID crisis, as one can blindly assume that the pandemic would not come to an end soon. 

As much as students rely on their teachers for education, parents and elders must also be encouraged to step up, to teach their children the basic knowledge of education in a situation where teachers could do very little. It is a way of co-operation with the school authorities and the government as a whole.

The young ones can be easily tamed if one muster the courage to look into the declining growth in education at the present moment.

We must continue to look for the silver lining. The future of our children lies in our hands.

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