The Paradigm of life


By Marvin Lalfamkima Kharsohnoh | SHILLONG

It would be fair to say that we hardly write much about life in particular. We live in a world where we need to uplift each other’s spirit to find life’s true meaning.

As much as I derive pleasure from writing this article, I hope to inspire people through these writings. In the course of writing, some statements were extracted from the long-term writings I had written on papers and pasted them on the walls of my room.

Enjoy reading and take the time to ponder as you relate it to your life.

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"God is always just. He made everything on His own Will"

“We may always not land up in a position we always wanted, but God has already planned your future. Learn to appreciate and to always remain grateful to God for everything.”

Sometimes you can never handle a situation alone. Therefore, God gave us parents, friends and other people to help us out. Remember to help yourself and the surrounding people. Care and support them wholeheartedly.

There doesn’t seem to be any physical difference between any two men or two women. We give everybody the same task, yet everybody has unique abilities to perform.

Make sure you do not fold your arms, act any or less, and watch someone’s performance grow outstandingly. You have the same amount of strength and privileges to perform exceptionally well.

No one knows you better than you.

To have a responsibility, you need to be obedient, so learn to obey. The time you have for your lone self is the best time one can ever have. It is an interval to learn and introspect and to see for the future. Use it wisely and create a close relationship with God. Rely not on your strength, but hand over everything to God.

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"Tame and foster good habits"

“Discipline finishes what Decision has started. Say NO to laziness. Grow and learn from your mistakes.”

Time management is the key to success. Redeem your time. Learn from the ants that work at the right season and enjoy the gathers of their work afterwards. Always plan and think about what you need to do next.

Sometimes you need a lot of perseverance in your life when you face obstacles along the way. When you’re bound by many rules and regulations and laws and orders, life becomes complicated. But make sure you create your own rules in life and follow them. That will set you apart from the rest.

Do not slack off. When things go wrong, remind yourself that it’s never too late to start again. Failure is just another stepping stone to success. If an obstruction slows you down on your way, don’t hop aside like a rabbit. Remember, eventually, the turtle wins the race.

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"Change the way you think. Improve your mindset"

"Dreams don’t just come to you so easily; you’ve to go find them."

A man without imagination is like a bird without wings. Thus, the quality of an outcome depends on the positivity of our thoughts. You can’t go back in time. So you need to make the most out of your time doing things that would benefit you.

You may write a very important exam, say, for instance, and have a high expectation of the outcome. Put your best effort forth and be competent enough to challenge yourself. But just because you didn’t make the cut, don’t think of yourself as a loser.

You will experience victory and loss, pain and joy, hatred and acceptance.

There will be times you feel you’re failing; never give up on yourself. Just know that you’re able to do much well than what you do now.

However, nothing is impossible. Step up your game because there’s no gain without pain. It’s not a fight until it is over. Fight till the end.

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"Never lose your star quality"

“Privacy is important. Sometimes you need to keep it to yourself."

You’re mature enough to make your own decisions in your life. Develop your personality that you may become invincible. Value what you have. There are thousands of people who are not privileged enough to have what you may take for granted.

Our generations are less concerned about the massacre in North Korea.

"Only a single channel is displayed on television, and we do not have any internet connection which cuts us off from the rest of the world," says Yeonmi Park, a North Korean defector and Human rights activist.

Imagine how lucky can you get to have almost everything you need in abundance. Always be grateful for what you have and maximise your potential for a better purpose.

Remember to look at your past but do not dwell on it. Take a glimpse at the future but don’t take heed of it. Always live in the present moment and be prepared to stand out among the crowd.

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"Take care of your eyesight, don’t just have an I-sight. Face your book, don’t just Facebook"

"Don’t just fill your life with IF [I for Instagram and F for Facebook] or any other social platform."

We’re living in an era where the actual world seemed quite virtual nowadays. We sit in our rooms believing that there’s a group of thousand people around looking at the smallest of things that you share online.

There’s a more beautiful picture in the actual world. Remember to look beyond the "Fantasy" that is set up around you.

There’s no room for laziness or procrastination for hard-working people.

They work towards their goals in life, come what may. They have a mixture of distinct characters that can blend in with everyone, but at the same time; they have plenty of time for themselves too.

What ‘If ’you could have invested a little more in your academics or other areas of life rather than just the IF?

These are just some food for thought. I’ll leave everything up to you to decide. Eventually, you’ll have to draw your conclusion.

This is where I leave you, but before I go, remember, you are beautiful, talented and brilliant. All you have to do is look deeper within yourself.