Mid-day News Nuggets


1. Arunachal: Police arrest three burglars with history of drug addiction

The East Siang District Police has arrested three persons in connection with several burglary cases in the district recently and most of the stolen items have been recovered.

2. Nagaland: Post Feb, 99.7% COVID deaths of partially vaccinated people

Nagaland's health department informed that nearly all deaths in the state due to COVID-19 after February have been of people who were not fully vaccinated.

3. Two new ant species discovered in Mizoram

A team of scientists from a Bengaluru-based research organisation named Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE), has discovered two new species of a rare ant genus Myrmecina in Mizoram, pushing the number of Myrmecina species found in India to seven.

4. Meghalaya: Pastor asks people not to take vaccine; tells them ‘Jesus will cure you’

Pastor Phawa, a cult leader in Meghalaya has been alleged to have convinced his followers to reject the COVID-19 vaccination, persuading them in the name of God.

5. Assam: Rupjyoti Kurmi, the MLA who slit his palms for Congress, joins BJP

Four-time Congress legislator from Jorhat district, Rupjyoti Kurmi has officially joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), expressing discontentment with Congress for promoting older leaders and with Rahul Gandhi for not being able to deal with responsibilities aptly.

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