Nagaland: Post Feb, 99.7% COVID deaths of partially vaccinated people


Nagaland's health department informed that nearly all deaths in the state due to COVID-19 after February have been of people who were not fully vaccinated.

As per the data by the department, out of 375 COVID-19 deaths in the state from February 2021 till date (ending June 18), only one patient had been fully vaccinated and two weeks had passed after the second dose.

The department said that the vaccine also provides very significant protection even by one dose after two after two weeks of vaccination. The department further added that even though there are cases of positivity after two weeks of the second dose, the vaccine still protects against severity and reduces chances of death as shown in clinical trials.

There have been no deaths of active healthcare workers due to the virus in COVID-19 hospitals, despite them being at the highest risk of exposure, as most healthcare workers have been fully vaccinated, the department informed.

A total of 3,99,141 doses of vaccine have been administered across the state over 5,939 sessions, it added.

(Edited by Aparmita Das)

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