Uranium issue: Meghalaya Assembly Committee on Environment visits Wahkaji



A delegation of the Committee on Environment of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly on Nov 03, visited Wahkaji village in South West Khasi Hills, following reports of alleged leakages from the tanks containing uranium effluents in Nongbah Jynrin.

The committee was split into two groups -- one group including officers from the Atomic Mineral Division (AMD), visited the site to the check uranium storage tanks, while another, led by Committee Chairman and MLA, S.K Sunn, held a public meeting at Wahkaji.

The meeting was attended by the Headmen of eight villages of the areas, leaders of various NGOs from the District, the Syiem (chieftain) of Hima Langrin N. Syiemiong among others.

During the meeting, the speakers expressed concerns over the impending dangers of uranium mining and asked the government to appoint an independent agency to probe into the reported uranium leakages.

Chairman of the Committee, S.K Sunn said the views and opinions of different stakeholders have been recorded, and the committee will sit and discuss on the matter.

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