Meghalaya | Conrad Vs Ernest: BJP MLA AL Hek 'caught in crossfire'



Meghalaya BJP legislator and Health Minister, AL Hek was caught in a 'catch-22 situation' after Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on Friday, revealed the "internal feelings" of some BJP leaders on the style of functioning of the state party president, Ernest Mawrie.

Earlier today, Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma claimed that more than half of the BJP leaders including the two legislators- Alexander Laloo Hek and Sanbor Shullai- wants the ouster of Ernest Mawrie as the State party president.

Caught in the crossfire, Hek admitted to having discussed this matter with the Chief Minister and justified his action by stating that the CM, being the leader of the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA), has the right to question his alliance partners.

“I do not deny it; I did discuss this issue with the Chief Minister. We are part of the MDA and the CM (had expressed) that he is not happy with the style of functioning of the state party president. But the decision relating to the internal affairs of the BJP has to be taken by the party,” Hek told media persons in Shillong on Friday.


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“It was a discussion, not a decision,” he said while reiterating that the decision to remove Mawrie from the post of president has to be taken by the BJP and not the NPP or any other political party.

Reacting to queries on Sangma’s conversation with central leaders of the BJP on this issue, Hek said he cannot comment since he was not privy to the conversation. “But if they (central leaders) are not happy with the state party president, they should discuss with all of us,” he added.

Earlier, Chief Minister Conrad Sangma informed that he had also discussed the matter with the national leaders of the BJP who expressed that even they are "upset" with the way the state party president is handling the situation.

When asked whether the Chief Minister, who is also the national president of the NPP, is interfering with the internal affairs of the BJP, the Minister said since his party is part of the MDA, the CM has the right to give his opinion.

“The Chief Minister said the state party president has been attacking the government too much; attack on the CM and sometimes on the CM's family also. So that is wrong. We are part of the MDA government, and CM has to right to give his opinion,” Hek stated.

When asked whether the BJP is considering party legislator Sanbor Shullai for the post, Hek said there was no such proposal nor discussion on this matter so far. “But I’ll be very happy if the party collectively take this decision,” he said, adding that even if Ernest Mawrie continues as president, he is “ready to work for the welfare of the party”.

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