Meghalaya coal mining issue: I am open to any inquiry, says Minister Kyrmen Shylla


By Lamphrang Nongspung


Meghalaya Cabinet Minister and UDP legislator Kyrmen Shylla on Thursday said that he is open to any kind of independent inquiry to clear all controversies relating to the alleged illegal mining of coal in East Jaintia Hills (EJH) district.

"I am open to a CBI probe or any independent inquiry as far as the alleged illegalities which are taking place in my home district (are concerned). I feel that there is a need to end this issue once and for all," Shylla told reporters in Shillong.

He said that the inquiry should also throw some light on the allegations of illegal coal mining in the district.

"I know the people are also anxious to know if such illegalities are really taking place," the UDP MLA said.

Reacting to allegations over the alleged involvement of his own brother in the illegal business which led to the death of six people at Rymbai in EJH, Shylla said if his brother is really involved then "he should be punished as per the law."

"If there is proof that my family members are involved in the illegal mining of coal, then they should be picked up. An inquiry should be carried out against them. Law is equal for everyone whether he is a minister, a labourer or a common man," Shylla stated.

He also maintained that as a Cabinet Minister, he does not entertain any kind of illegalities.

When asked if there are any hidden reasons for dragging his brother's name into this whole controversy, he said there is nothing to comment on the assumption adding, "Let us wait for the report of the inquiry instituted by the government."

Shylla also asserted that the officials and the authorities who are carrying out the inquiry should do so in a proper manner so that "innocent people are not punished".

(Edited by Ibankyntiew Mawrie)


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