Woman fights off ‘tiger’ with a stick, posts selfie on Facebook


NATIONAL | April 6, 2018 (PTI):

A 21-year-old woman from Bhandara district of Maharashtra was attacked by a 'tiger', and has survived to tell the tale. Rupali Meshram, a commerce graduate living in Usgaon village of Bhandara district, took a number of selfies after the attack and shared it on social media with a harrowing account of her fight with the big cat.


Though the incident took place on March 24, it was reported only earlier this week.

Meshram is recuperating after receiving treatment for injuries to head, legs and waist.

"I heard our goats bleating around midnight, and went out into the shed where we keep them to see what was the matter," Rupali told PTI.

She saw three goats lying dead in a pool of blood. Before she realised what had happened, the big cat which had killed them pounced on her.


Rupali, who maintained it was a `tiger', said she managed to pick up a stick and hit the animal with it, while praying to Jesus Christ. She also called out to her mother.

Her mother ran to her help, and the animal attacked her too.

However, she managed to drag Rupali inside the house and close the door.

They called Rupali's uncle, who lives in Sonegaon, and he alerted the forest department and rushed to the family's house.

Forest officials shifted Rupali to a hospital in Bhandara and later to the Government Medical College and Hospital in Nagpur.

Rupali complained that other than reimbursement of expenses of treatment at Bhandara, she didn't get any financial help from the forest department. Her mother sold off some jewellery to raise money for the treatment, she said.

Vivek Hoshind, Deputy Conservator of Forests, Bhandara, refuted Rupali's claim that it was a tiger which attacked her.

"Pug marks of a leopard were found in the vicinity. Besides, there was no tiger movement recorded in that area," he told PTI.