Why Sheena Bora’s murder interests us!


TNT News Desk | July 22, 2018

One will not disagree that own tends to take more interest in an issue when he/she is not remotely associated with the same. Such is the case with murder crimes that allow people to be voyeurs and live through the crime.

A lot has to do with human psychology when it comes to our interests and at this point we cannot demarcate between the media and the audience. We are all caught in this web. Let us try analysing why we are so glued to this murder and would love to have an update second after second.


The public fascination for violent crimes including that of Sheena Bora stems from a simple brain chemistry similar to what is activated by food or sex. It is an underlying urge of most people to fathom what confounds them.


It has been pointed out by many researchers that the brain appears to process aggression and violence through its reward circuits and people tend to view violent crimes, especially murder, as an intellectual challenge that stirs them into wondering about the victim, the perpetrator and the circumstances.


Public obsession with death and murder is just because one loves the chill down the spine, the revulsion, the disgust that follows such incidents. Sociologists say that you do not personally need to experience the loss or suffering of the murder victim. Keeping updated does the same.


The desire to know if one could also fall into such a circumstance and fascinating the same is another reason why we tend to be glued on the updates and not think clearly.


We tend to get drawn to the case because they tend to violate the fundamental assumptions that we have about this world. Look at the mystery and complexity in the Sheena Bora murder! It just interests us to know that good people also do bad things.

BONUS POINT 5.5: The moment a celebrity is involved, our attention radars are working overtime! But it also depends on the nature of the case. The 1993 Lorena Bobbit Case in the United States is a perfect example. Both were not celebrities but the nature of the crime gripped the attention of media for years.