VIDEO | Assam’s college sets benchmark through unconventional education system


By SHWETA RAJ KANWAR | July 15, 2018

A newly established college in Udalguri, Aspire Junior College is gradually gaining recognition for its unconventional education system whereby it aims to equip students with not only the textbook curriculum but also make them future ready for various practical challenges in life.

Recently, the students of Aspire Junior College in Udalguri were seen performing practical farming classes. The video of the same was uploaded on social media on the college's official Facebook Page- Aspire Junior College after which it went viral. In very rare cases students are actually taken to the fields to give them an actual feel of the agricultural set up. Watch the video below:

Speaking to this reporter, 31-yr-old Maihursa Boro, Principal of Aspire Junior College said, "We are trying to create an educational scenario in our college whereby students are not bogged down by the textbook curriculum. We want to give our students a hands on practical experience with respect to the things they read in textbooks. It is challenging, but we will organize more such activities in future".  

The video also drew several criticisms from people on social media who rebuked the college saying that students in uniform were not supposed to be made to to practice farming on the fields. However, this initiative garnered huge support from people who still continue to share the video as an example to prove that a college in Udalguri is actually trying to follow the non-conventional education system and preparing students for the practical set up.

Watch this space to know more about Maihursa Boro and his story here.

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