Useful tips for revamping your wardrobe


By Laxmi Chyrmang

There are days when we stare at our full closets yet complain that we have nothing to wear. The problem of having nothing to wear is always at the tip of the tongue.

I’m pretty sure all of us rarely wear every item in our closet.

So, here are eight things we don’t need in our storage space to make room for more useful items and a more spacious looking closet.

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Clothes that don’t fit:

There are various reasons our clothes may not fit us anymore. Maybe we lost weight or even gained some. Perhaps your favourite t-shirt has stretched or shrunk in the dryer.

Deformation of our apparel is inevitable. We may have a fondness for a few items in our closet, but that doesn’t mean we should cling to them even when they aren’t wearable anymore.

Sometimes we hold on to a particular item, thinking we might fit back when we lose or gain weight. But if we are not even close to getting where we want to, then we should be brave enough to let those things go.

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Outdated clothes:

Fashion changes swiftly. Some pieces of clothing precisely fit a trend that lasts for a short time.

For example, there was a trend where there was a moustache on basically everything, t-shirts, jackets and even jewellery. After that trend died, the clothes associated with it did as well.

There is no reason to buy clothes that are only trendy for a while, then irrelevant later. You may own at least one of these items in the back of your closet. If you will not wear these clothes anymore, then you should get rid of them.

One option for wearing outdated garments is to turn them into loungewear, but if this is not workable, then it’s time to part with that item.

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Unwanted colours:

Having lots of clothes in different colours is all fun and games until we have to pair them up with other colours, and get stuck or even mistakenly clash them.

Here’s a solution, it would be better for us to stick to a few colours we like or that matches us best. Having a colour palette will help us in shopping and getting ready because, presumably, the colours that we have are interchangeable.

Once we have found our ideal colour palette, it is best to get rid of clothes that are unincluded. We may not wear those clothes again, so bid farewell to them.

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Ragged-out clothes:

By ragged-out garments, I am not talking about ripped jeans or any type of purposely distressed clothing.

Here, I am talking about clothes that have ripped, have holes, discoloured, stained, or just worn out. You will never wear these clothes again, so get rid of them.

Another alternative is to use those clothes for your DIYs or even employ them as cleaning rags (appropriate materials only).

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Rarely used clothes:

There are clothes you vow to wear but never came around to doing so. Maybe it doesn’t fit as well, or you have nothing to match it with, or perhaps there has never been an occasion to wear it.

These clothes can also include Halloween costumes that you have worn once and don’t want to repeat.

Another garment that you may have used but is likely to be worn again is a bride’s maid dress. This dress might have a sentimental value. If you have space, then you can still store it in the back of our closet, but if you don’t, then you have no choice but to bit goodbye to it.

Another piece of clothing that you have only used sometimes is a cloned item. Maybe you have the same pair of black jeans or very similar black blazers, you should get rid of them. These items only take up extra closet space and serve you minimal purpose.

Unless it is your uniform, try not to get things that are too similar to the ones that you own.

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Uncomfortable shoes:

Many of us will sacrifice for style, but to what extent?

Externally some shoes may look cute and comfortable, but once we wear it, it will leave our feet with blisters and aches. If the footwear is entirely unwearable, it’s time to get rid of them.

By doing this, you are leaving space for other pairs of comfortable shoes that will serve you better.

If you love those shoes or they are the shoes that you’ve wanted for so long but turned out to be uncomfortable, then you can have a photoshoot with them and then part with them. You have them reminiscent while having a spacious shoe rack.

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Broken Jewellery:

You may be a collector of fake jewellery, and that is okay. But once these jewellery gets tarnished, or a few stones go missing, then you need to get rid of them.

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Expired makeup:

Expired makeup is your worst enemy. Always remember to check the expiry date and shelf life of your makeup.

When it’s time to toss them out, do so without reluctance or your skin will hate you for it.

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Extra tips:

● You can always sell, donate or upcycle your clothes rather than throwing them out. It is better for the environment.

● Be mindful when shopping it is easier not to buy the items in the first place than to let go of them later. This way you will also save your money.


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