TNT POEMS | Cherry Blossom by Dariskhem pyngrope


Cherry Blossom

By Dariskhem pyngrope

Cherry oh cherry!
I remember when I was young
I use to sit under your trunk
Ohh so long I used to wait for your cherry
Happily I rejoiced in merry
Your pink peachy colour petals
Falls off with the shake of the wind
I kissed my first love and my head spin
My heart was going to burst
I rushed into excitement
Thinking I have found the one
But was not true until he left me with none
Yet once again i came under your trunk
And in my head I was all drunk
As I lay down once again I realised
All beauty or ugly
Will fall to the ground all rusty
Just like your petals
Me and you flew
And it takes two soul to once again merge
From nothingness to bountiful beauty
Ohh cherry once again blossom
And life of mine couldn't be more awesome!


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