The silent killer: 4 reasons you need to stop having Kwai excessively


Let's not argue over the fact that everyone loves to have kwai especially among the Khasis. Kwai consists of three main ingredients; the areca nut, betel leaves and a pinch of lime.

Causes cancer

First time users can really feel the effects that can cause from eating kwai. Chewing of kwai causes many serious complications from changes in heart rate, blood pressure, burning sensation in the mouth areas leading to many serious complications including cancer.

Bleeding gums and oral problems


Ever tried eating the areca nut you won't be able to crack at the first bite, it is just that hard. Daily consumers faced serious problems of tooth wear i.e., grinding or rubbing away of teeth as hard covering (enamel) is lost thus it leads to sensitivity to sweets, heat and cold. Other problems include bleeding gums and loss of teeth as supporting tissues are affected.


It is found that consuming kwai can cause harmful effects for pregnant mothers which include DNA damage and damage to the fetus likely like alcohol or smoking. This can cause lower birth weights, reduced birth length and early term were found to be significantly higher. So ladies be careful!

Overall bad for health and respiratory system

We all know Kwai speeds us the process of cancer, but did you know that excess consumption of kwai also weakens our immune system and thereby puts us at risk with several ailments especially respiratory.

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