Reliance promises ultra-speed upto 1Gbps data speed with new JioGigaFiber service


TECHNOLOGY | July 5, 2018:

On Thursday, Reliance Jio in its annual AGM had announced foraying into the fixed broadband segment. JioGigaFiber is the company's new broadband service providing connectivity via optical fiber. Mukesh Ambani says that Jio's broadband service will power three levels of users starting with home, small businesses and large enterprises.

JioGigaFiber aims to offer ultra-high speed internet up to 1Gbps, smart home solutions, 4K and HD content, voice control. For JioGigaFiber, the company has announced GigaRouter and GigaTV set-top box. Jio promises that the company will setup JioGigaFiber in your home within an hour.

"Starting this Independence Day, August 15th you can start registering your interest for JioGigaFiber through both MyJio and We will prioritise our JioGigaFiber rollout to those localities from where we receive the highest number of registrations. JIOGIGAFIBER will be the largest greenfield fixed-line broadband rollout anywhere in the world, with rollout happening in 1,100 cities of India simultaneously," said Ambani.

"At Jio, we are determined to take India to be among the top-5 in broadband connectivity, both for mobility as well as fiber based wireline connectivity. We have built future proof networks and will continue to deliver the most advanced technologies to our customers for decades to come," he added.

JioGigaTV will offer features like voice command which can be accessed on the remote itself. Jio says that voice command will be available in different regional languages. JioGigaTV will also offer video calling services including multi-party video conferencing to another Jio GigaTV or any other smartphone or tablet as well. Jio will also offer virtual reality features on its GigaTV.

Jio has also announced smart home accessories which include audio and video dongle, smart speaker, Wi-Fi extender, smart plug, TV camera and more. All these smart accessories will be controlled via MyJio app.

Jio is currently conducting beta trials of JioGigaFiber in around 1,000 homes in India. Starting August 15, users will be able to start registering for JioGigaFiber through MyJio app and The company said that it will start rolling out its broadband service to localities with the most number of registrations in India.

Source: The Hindustan Times

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