READERS’ FORUM | If I would by Chandrasen Yadav

By Chandrasen Yadav
If I would live to that day, the day I would ever have a boy child.
I would
– Introduce myself as a friend, not a father.
– Tell him not to respect a girl, respect a human irrespective of gender.
– Tell him not to believe in everything I say, learn to teach yourself.
– Tell him not to respect anyone because you should, but to respect them for how they are.
– Tell him, not to respect me just because you exist in this earth because of me, respect me for how I am to you and the people around.
– Tell him to be a human first, than to be a boy.
– Tell him to never be proud of where you born, of your religion, of your color, of your body. Be proud that day, when you will achieve something after your hard work in which you have put effort on. Your body, skin color is not something you have because you put effort on it. The place you born is just an address , the religion you preach is just a way for being a better human. Preach any religion you want, but never disrespect other beliefs.
– Tell him to learn to be selfless, being selfish for yourself is not bad, but being selfless is about how you treat others after fulfilling your needs. Your wants will never be over so learn to give, be selfless.
– Tell him to never be angry on someone, if you could swallow your anger, it doesn't mean you are wrong it means the respect in you for the other person is more than the reason to be angry for. And cry to pull out your anger, that's a better way than hurting anyone.
– Tell him this life is a gift, don't waste it in just finding a job, invest it in discovering yourself and be creative in whatever you do. If you're good at something, you can be better. But never give up.
– Tell him I'm here to tell you how to do the things not what to do. It's your life, live it sharing love and doing what you are good at.
– Tell him to never waste time, never be bore. The word "boredom" belongs to the people who don't have anything to do. Invest your time doing anything, build hobbies that makes you happy.
– Tell him to make friends, not to make good one or bad one. Just make them, one day you will know who are good and who are bad for you.
– Tell him to fall in love, its the best feeling. But don't hurry, never run for it. Just wait till you meet someday you can never get your eyes off. Not physically but spiritually.
– Tell him there is everything in this life to be happy for, never run behind it just do what you do and happiness will be with you. You can never achieve it.
– Tell him never do anything, you wouldn't be proud to tell your mother about.
– Tell him I'm always here but never be dependent on me, learn to live this life alone and never depend on anyone. Every friend will leave your side one day if you don't help yourself.
– Tell him not to curse anyone, not because they don't deserve it but because your self respect is more than his wrongdoings.
– Tell him about my struggle in life, not to be empathic about it, but to learn from my mistakes.
– Tell him to be that person, who was always right for what he said, who did everything he loved, who never wanted to be a victim ,who lived with serenity, who learned from his mistakes, who might never be considered great and remembered as a hero but when he died his soul was at peace and he died with no regrets of hurting anybody, of feeling sorry for anything. He wasn't perfect. He was just a better being.
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