POEMS | Wish You Were Here by Preetty Marak


Wish you were here

By Preetty Marak

Near the sea shore, surrounded by sea

Would have been fun, if it was you and me

Soft sand and pebbles with clear blue sky

Nobody around me but for birds flying by

I have written you a short 'sorry' note

Just my feelings, without any special quote

In your favourite colour bright yellow

I have kept it just beneath your pillow

You looked beautiful sleeping in deep

You would wake up so silently I glide

I remember yesterday how I made you weep

Keeping you happy is what I've always tried.

I met with an accident then I fell asleep

By now my fellow mate must have called you

They must have given you the news

You are being missed and I hope I am too

Don't worry I am happy, it is peaceful and calm

Bright sunny weather, lovely and warm

I would have hugged you if you were near

Would be much happy, wish you were here.


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