POEMS | The Silent Song By Lurshaphrang Shongwan


TNT | POEMS | Sep 27, 2018:

The Silent Song

By Lurshaphrang Shongwan

There lives a queen far far away, from all the strangers' way,
All men have heard but none has seen how pretty is the queen?
The Kingdoms fight, many men have died so as to prove their might,
Yet none survived to prove their right, after hundred years of fight.

As days passed by, the fairy-tale about the queen was high;
The hearts of men who long to see grew drowsy, quiet and nigh,
Some men have lied, some men denied about her pretty side;
Yet none give up and none survived to see the queen at sight.

One day a man, with purest heart, decided to flip the card;
He write a song with sweetest tune, so as to win her heart,
He stares the moon, emboss the rose to match her pretty sight;
He dreams of her from dawn to dusk without a thought of lust.

The time has come; the gates were done for all the men to come;
From hundred lines and thousand men he was the chosen one,
As he passed the hall and climb the stairs that leads to the prettiest one,
With pounding heart and nervy mind he clears his throat again.

In daze and awe! Like thunder strike! that breaks his heart apart;
There lay his queen whom he have dreamed, cold death in icy dream,
His heart was pained, with tears afloat which drops like endless rain;
He hums the song in silent heart without a word or tune.


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