POEMS | Never by Chandrasen Yadav



By Chandrasen Yadav

Sometimes I wish,

I never existed in your life,

Never have done things you never asked for,

Never have believed in the things I did believe in,

Never have expected anything,

Maybe because I was too honest for us,

And deep down you wanted me to stop,

On the surface, you acted as if everything was all right,

In your heart you wanted me to stop,

I was just trying to live up to the definition of a friend,

But little did I know, nobody ever attempted to live up to it,

I shunned myself to the norms they set, but it was all in vain,

As the norms I was shunning, were the terms you were running on,

Meanwhile, I looked like a fool,

And you perfectly came out unharmed,

Just because I was honest with myself and my feelings, not the norms you believed in,

Hope you would understand someday what's true love is and what isn't,

And I know I'll be long gone till then,

But I hope you don't miss someone next,

Wish my existence in your life finds its meaning someday,

Even if just to make your choices better.

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