POEMS | A Date with The Buddha by Ngawang Tenzing


A Date With The Buddha

By Ngawang Tenzin

Human Being…
a beautiful creature.
wearing the mask of
loving and caring.
the most dangerous one.

For centuries he was tagged
the genius one, still was
nuclear and time bombs
result of his smartness
world war I and II
was an achievement so far…

My mind cries for peace
wanted a perfect place
to halt and rest
to escape from materialistic life.

At a mountain top
Solitary monk greeted me
pleased to spot a company
instantly get to his feet and
offered me a cup of strong coffee
its aroma revitalized me
tongue plead once more
but heart pronounce no more

Our life circle is in danger
happiness is waning
anguish of people waxing
lager insect lunched smaller
nobody care to introspect
Who has to be accused

Seeing what I have not seen
hearing what I was not 
the four noble truth
medicines for an ailing one
at last satisfied to meet
a humble and simple monk

Buddha sermonized three wheel of drama
in accord with the abilities of disciple
he had thus preached
"suffering is to be known,
its origin to be abandoned,
the path to be practiced,
and ultimately cessation to be realized."

He again said "oneself
the protector and the enemy
of own but who else is."
wishing for happiness
and not desiring pain
then why bloodshed ruled.

We are all same,
not as a human being
but as a living being.
when our mind is tame
problem will not arise.

Solidarity monk…
found in every one of us
his strong coffee was a treat
from a mountain peak again
can see the busy lives

A date with the Buddha
pinch me…
slap me…
I was not dreaming.
neither reading nor thinking.
the monk brightened the darkness

Was that monk the Buddha
or his worthy insights?
am I the Buddha
or can I be the one?
Impossible is nothing

"Be kind whenever possible"
"harm no one if you can't help"
if you do this simple deed
you are Buddha indeed
so now what you need

                                                                            Just wake up to act
                                                                             the time is perfect
                                                                         as action speaks louder
                                                                     oh my brothers and sisters
                                                                       my fellow human beings
                                                                              BE HUMANE…!


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