POEM | Rape – Where has humanity vanished? By Dariskhem Pyngrope


By Dariskhem Pyngrope


Rape cases is becoming more like a trend

And when this kind of things happen

Society are agngered and gets offended

Where has humanity vanished?

Its like it has been banish

Children of young age still so fragile

Smile and laughter

Is what she was suppose to be given

But before  she even acknowledge it

Her Life was taken!

Brutal abhorent educated people!

If someone did this to your daughter

Would you just forgive the criminal at the panel

Accused have to be tortured to death

Otherwise this kind of trend will be more and widely spread

Where will our daughter be

If this kind of scene hapen more often

God knows how the future generation be!

Why take these kind of cases to the court

When it has alwas been injustice

Especially for the weak and poor

Who often go for seeking judgement

But later come out with exhausted spirit

Some suicide unable to bare the situation

Please! lawyers fight for the right cause

Dont blind yourself by money and power

Religion caste creed should not have any distinction

their mentality have to be shaken

Justice is required for the lost soul

Otherwise your daughter will be their next goal!


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