Mr Ambassador if you want Indian as President of USA, then what about Bangladeshi Origin Chief Minister of Tripura and Assam?


OPINION by P. Bulgra | November 17, 2018:

The absurdity of well established officials who come to Tripura is becoming increasingly intolerable by the day . Many of the former Officials who descend upon the region get much of their publicity by making statements without doing much homework to get the facts correct. The Media also merely reports it without looking into the depth and veracity of the statements of these dignitaries.

The latest in this growing list is a Diplomat, Former Indian Ambassador to Mozambique, Libya, and Eritrea- Surendra Kumar who while addressing the students of the Tripura University said that sooner than later an Indian person (origin) could become the President of the United States of America in the foreseeable future .

While we all realize the importance of motivating the youth of Tripura especially at the College and University level, it is equally important not to delude them with fiction as well. Well at-least for a fact which is near impossible in the near foreseeable future.

America which is going through its internal turmoil where a wall is being proposed to prevent people other than the largely 'white' community to enter the country is not going to choose a leader from the Indian community whose percentage is 0.9% of  the total U.S. population. The current regime has also gone ahead and made stricter Visa regime and the slogan 'make America Great again' largely excludes most communities who are immigrants.

I wonder why you will not hear a Chinese Ambassador or official ever say that one day they will have a president of Chinese origin in America.Most likely the Chinese are practical people and they understand the difference in economical influence and Political realities.

Of course the rationale again for the likes of Mr Kumar will be if India could have a Sikh Prime Minister then why not America an Indian origin President .

Well facts and figures suggest that despite America being a democracy for over 200 years they are yet to elect a single female President. It took them centuries to elect a black President and today the Hispanic and Latin community which constitutes almost 17% of the country's population is largely viewed suspiciously by their President for harboring illegal immigrants.

What also amazes me is that Mr Surendra Kumar should have realized that he is speaking this in a state of Tripura where the Original Indigenous population has seen just one Chief Minister in seven decades of Democracy. It is indeed insensitive on his part to suggest that but perhaps he did not do his research before speaking on the subject.

While we realize Kumar has also served as India's Ambassador to Libya, Mozambique, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Eritrea and as a High Commissioner to Kenya, Swaziland and Malta, what is surprising is that most African nations have often felt the same exploitation as some of the native people in Northeast India.

Would he also accept a person of another country's origin to become a Prime Minister of India, we all know how that went for Sonia Gandhi . Another question which comes to mind is that is he also accepting the fact that it is alright for a person from Bangladeshi origin to become a Chief Minister of Tripura or Assam ? Unless he too thinks that Religion and not ethnicity is the criteria for someone to hold prominent position in the country.

Well we doubt that he would agree to such a thought , but then as I said earlier — when did these so called dignitaries and former officials apply their minds when they speak in-front of our students? Preaching comes far easily to those who come to Northeast and in this case Tripura with a false sense of supremacy . What Hon Ambassador did not do when he addressed the students was his homework ….about America and what his words implied to the sentiments of the Indigenous  people of Tripura and Northeast in general.

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