Mob lynches Guwahati youths on suspicion of being child lifters


GUWAHATI, June 9, 2018: In a tragic incident, two youths hailing from Guwahati were beaten to death in Karbi Anglong.

The deceased were identified as Nilotpal Das and Abhijit Nath.

The two youths from Guwahati went to Karbi anglong for sight seeing and also to promote tourism but unfortunately the villagers thought that they were child lifters  (xopadhora) and started beating them.

One of the attackers had also recorded the entire act of barbarism that took place on his mobile and circulated in social media. In the video, one of the youth, Nilotpal Das, was pleading before the murderers that he was an Assamese and from Guwahati. With folded hands, Niloptal was heard while pleading for life, "Don't kill me…please don't beat me. I am an Assamese. Believe me, I am speaking the truth. My father's name is Gopal Chandra Das and mother's name is Radhika Das…please let me go."

The mob, as seen in the video, did not stop but continued to beat Nilotpal and his friend Abhijit Nath, a sound engineer working in Goa, with bamboo sticks and kicks.

The Scorpio in which they were traveling on was also badly damaged in the attack by the mob. The incident happened at around 7.40 pm on Friday evening Kangthilangso, Dengaon under Dokmoka Police station where the two friends had gone for a day.

According to reports received, when Nilotpal and Abhijit earlier in the day had asked some local villagers for directions to Kangthilangso, few of them suspected them to be child lifters and alerted others in the area. Hours later when they were returning home, the waylaid their vehicle and killed them.
When one friend of Nilotpal from Guwahati had called him at around 8 pm, a different person picked up the phone and said that Nilotpal has been killed and they could watch the new in television the next day.

According to the sources, the two became victims of fake social media reports on child-kidnapping in Karbi Anglong.

Additional DGP (Law and Order) Mukesh Agarwal has been rushed to the spot along with a police team. Police have already identified the people involved in the lynching from the video being circulated in the social sites but no arrest has been made so far.

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