Meghalaya: ‘Fuel price hikes, empty Zero bank accounts… Is this achhe din?’, asks MPCC


From Our Correspondent | AMPATI, May 24, 2018

"People are tired waiting for achhe din", stated Shri. John F Kharshiing, General Secretary, Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC), while addressing a gathering at Bolchugri Village under 53 Ampati Assembly Constituency on Wednesday.

In his speech, Kharshiing further asked the people about the status of their Zero accounts to which they all replied that their accounts are still awaiting the 15 lakh deposit which was promised by the PM Modi in 2014.

He added, "Meghalaya is totally dependent on road transport. Just two days ago, fuel prices shot up again and I wonder if this is the ache din that he was talking about."

He thanked the people for having faith in a leader like Dr Mukul Sangma who has worked to uplift the state in spite of challenges in the last twenty-five years. "The Ampati leader provided Meghalaya with the stability crucial for furthering development", he added.

He further said, "How do the MLAs and ministers presently in Ampati accuse Dr Mukul Sangma, of having done nothing when they themselves have no idea what's happening in Ampati?"

Kharshiing added that it was the vision and creativity of the former chief minister which brought about the universal MHIS and which has led many other states of India to enquire as to how it was done. He urged the people to once again support Congress especially when they have an able candidate in Miani D Shira, who with the guidance of her father will be able to better serve the Constituency.