Few tips of how to keep yourself alert before buying ‘fake products’


FASHION | January 16, 2017

Every day one cannot afford to buy luxury items, lots of hard-work requires buying one quality product. We need to be very cautious when it comes to buying a luxurious item especially a brand, nobody would want to get cheated for the 'not-so-worthy' products.

There are huge amount of fake products nowadays that has come up in the market, the exact same product that is sold much more cheaply which is a copyright and illegal according to the law.

Well, here are some of the important tips that would help you in differentiating between the fake and the original product.

#1. While buying an original product make sure that the stitching doesn't have fray or the thread is not consistent.

#2. Make sure the leather is original. Since low quality leather called 'Rexine' is also available in the market which is short lived.

#3. Don"t go for zip that aren't smooth, if you want to buy a quality product keep in mind that originals have the brand name inscribed in it.

#4. Nowadays, even the fake products have come up with similar logos but you can always make out the original logo by looking at the style of font used. The original ones are less flashy, more on the subtitle side.

#5. Fabrics matters, original products have finer quality of fabric used. Fake ones are of low quality can be easily noticed by feeling the fabric.

#6. KUMA, Abibas, NUMA???.. be sure the spelling and writing on the tags, labels and guarantee card is correct. Always remember that guarantee card doesn't really guarantee a genuine product.

#7. Price tags of original products have prices printed and not stamped. Also, the bar codes on them link back to the brands' internal systems.

#8. Packaging of original products can be spotted easily, check multiple layering of sheets in which the product is packed.

#9. The chronograph dials in a fake watch usually do not work which is not the case is original ones.

Source: m.mensxp.com

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