DID YOU KNOW- People in this part of Northeast India dine in Myanmar and sleep in India!


TNT News | March 9, 2019:

That there prevails a village called the lungwa which falls under the Mon district in the northwestern part of Nagaland,  at the Indo Myanmar border.  The natives or the konyak tribes are the best example of dual allegiance. The international border passes through the house of Loknang, the chief of the konyaks and hence, he dines in India and sleeps in Myanmar.

The international line between India and Myanmar passes through the middle of the village and divides Loknang's hut where he lives with his 10 wives and 20 children. Aching Konyak, a village youth, said, "The boundary line demarcates his kitchen and the bedroom."

In fact till 1963, there was no specific authority ruling the Konyak-inhabited areas of Nagaland. It was only after India and Myanmar decided on the border that the Konyak tribesmen had an idea that they might be part of India, and not Myanmar.

But still, despite a border pillar atop the Lungwa range since 1970-71, the Konyak villagers visit Pangmei, a border town in Myanmar, everyday on business.

The konyaks appertain to both the countries leaving no signs of disparity, and hence cite the best example of unity in diversity.

TNT News