DID YOU KNOW India’s 1st female photographer was probably from Northeast India!


April 12, 2018:

How many facts do you know about Northeast India? Well here is another fact and a special moment for the people of Northeast to cheer as the first Indian female photographer is said to belong to the state of Tripura in Northeast India

A Manipuri girl from Tripura, Maharani Khuman Chanu Manmohini, the third wife of Tripura's Maharaja Birchandra Manikya. She was only thirteen when she got married and was also the niece of Maharaja's first wife, Queen Ningthem Chanu Bhanumati.

The Maharaja himself was an expert photographer and under his tutelage, Queen Chanu quickly learnt the tricks of the trade and became an expert photographer herself.

Picture Courtesy: India Bulletin

She took photographs, developed them and printed the images herself. The Maharaja organized photography exhibitions in his palace where both of their photographs were exhibited.

The royal palace also housed a Camera Club.  A letter published in the Photographic Society of India's journal – May 1890 (sent under the direction of the Maharaja) emphasises on "The Camera Club of the Palace of Agartala." The letter was sent along with pictures by both the Maharaja and the Maharani. Printed mostly by the Maharani, each image carried a mark of credit on their respective photographs.

Given photo is perhaps the first self-portrait by a couple in India.

Source: India Bulletin