Assam: Two-year-old Karbi braveheart saves another life


TNT Desk | December 08, 2018

Bravery is not merely a physical characteristsic but it is a state of mind. It sees no age or gender as a barrier and this is exactly what the two-yr-old child from Assam has proved.

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As per a report in The Hills Times, a two-year old child Klarmir Ingtipi saved the life of another one-and-eight-month old child Charkle Timungpi in Karbi Anglong.

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Klarmir saved the life of her cousin Charkle by seeking help from a stranger during a bizarre incident which took place on August 12, a delayed report said on Thursday.

The brave child Charkle came to visit her relatives with her grandparents. She came visiting the same day from Hidipi to her aunt's house at Lorulangso here on November 12.

On the day , she along with her cousin Charkle were playing and wondered off to a nearby place where a Karbi traditional ceremony "se karkli" was being performed. Accidently, Charkle fell into the nearby pond leaving Klarmir on the bank.

Unperturbed Klarmir approached an auto rickshaw driver, a stranger, who was there to drop school children. The auto rickshaw driver, Rajesh Tokbi, sensed that something was wrong and followed the little girl who was leading him by his finger.

The report stated that standing on the bank of the pond Klarmir pointed towards the water body although nothing was there. Wasting no time Tokbi got into the water and brought out Charkle. The people gathered there by then informed the parents who took her to the hospital. After a few days stay in the hospital the child recovered.

Klarmir is daughter of Sarmon Ingti of Hidipi, Chinthong Engti Village. She is yet to attend her preparatory school.