Assam: State police to get improved protective head-gears


GUWAHATI, June 23, 2018: Assam police's counter-insurgency personnel is going to acquire bullet proof head gear called 'Patkas', which is usually worn by army and paramilitary forces stationed in truculent situations.

The 'Patkas' can withstand close range firing from rifles such as the AK series and the LMGs.

IPS Officer Anand Mishra, along with his entire team has inspected the sample head gears manufactured by four vendors. The samples will soon be sent for test firing.

After completing the precursory physical assessment of the sample head gears, it will be sent to the Gujarat Forensic Sciences Laboratory in Gandhinagar.

The inspection committee physically verified the 'Patkas' at the 4th Assam Police Battalion. The verification was mainly done to determine the weight and size of the head gear.

Around 350 Patkas will be procured by the Assam Police in the initial stage.

Assam Police personnel do not wear any protective headgear in case of joint operations, unlike the CAPF personnel even though it is the Assam Police which leads the operation most of the time.

Featured image: Representation

Source: G-Plus