Assam lynching case: Abhijit fiancé’s sister narrates heart breaking details of fateful night


GUWAHATI | June 15, 2018: Five days after the brutal mob lynching case at Panjuri village, Karbi Anglong, sister of Abhijit's fiancé took to Facebook to recount what happened on the night of June 8 and how the killers casually informed her sister about his death.

Airin Gogoi, sister of deceased Abhijit's fiancé wrote that the the killers took pleasure in conveying the news to her sister; in an indiffernt and cold manner they informed her sister that they have killed 'him' and that the news could be read on newspapers the next morning.

She also mentioned that Abhijit was a nature lover who loved dogs and fish and that he went to Karbi Anglong in search of ornamemntal fish.

According to Airin's post, Abhijit and her sister were suppsed to get married within this year.

Source: G-Plus

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