Assam: Dengue under control in Kamrup-M, says health official


GUWAHATI, May 31, 2018: Health official of Assam had said that the dengue outbreak in the Kamrup (Metro) district has not been as severe as last year and the situation is under control. Six cases of dengue have been reported from the district so far this year, with the disease affecting four people in Sonapur, one in Bonda and another in Noonmati. No deaths due to dengue have been reported from the district this year.

"The patients have received symptomatic treatment and have recovered from the disease. Cases of dengue are much lower this year as compared to that last year. Fogging is being done in the affected areas," said Ganesh Saikia, joint director of Kamrup (Metro) district health services.

 Majority of the dengue cases were reported from the Kamrup (Metro) district last year. The disease, which is transmitted through the bite of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, has no specific vaccines and only symptomatic treatment can be provided. Fogging is recommended as an effective way to kill the mosquito larvae but the Guwahati Municipal Corporation faces an uphill task at the moment because of the reported shortage of machines to conduct the procedure.
"Anyone suffering from dengue-like symptoms should immediately see a doctor and get herself tested. Early diagnosis ensures timely medical intervention. People should not let any stagnant water collect in their surroundings and avoid storing water in uncovered containers as the Aedes aegypti mosquito breeds in clean water. A little carefulness can go a long way in preventing dengue," Saikia added.
Source: The Telegraph
Featured image: Godrej HIT