Arunachal Pradesh | SDPO orders security personnel to quit illegal hunting & fishing


ITANAGAR | September 10, 2018:

Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) of Miao, Tasi Darang has ordered police personnel to stop engaging in hunting, poaching and fishing within Miao, Jairampur and Diyun administrative areas of Changlang district.

On 8 September, the SDPO had issued the order following complaints from the people of Miao, Jairampur and Diyun stating that uniform-clad personnel of the civil police, the IRBn, the SB, the WT, and the MT were involved in illegal hunting and poaching within the three administrative areas.

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The order stated, "There are also complaints against police personnel of their involvement in large-scale fishing in rivers and streams by using sophisticated weapons like inverter, generator, bleaching powders, etc, to kill fishes."

The SDPO asked all the personnel to refrain from illegal hunting, poaching and fishing and warned that anyone found guilty would face stern disciplinary action.

Darang said, "Anyone involved in such illegalities can also be penalized under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972".

He added, "As a disciplinary force, we need to respect, protect and preserve our natural resources and also need to garner goodwill of public towards the forces".

Source: Arunachal Times