5 facts about Bogibeel India’s longest Rail-cum-Road bridge


FACTS | September 3, 2018:

The 40-year-old dream is on the way to come true. 25th May 1977 a crucial decision was taken on a public meeting at Dibrugarh to build India's longest Rail-cum-Road bridge, Bogibeel.

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Recently, Chief Minister of Assam, Sarbananada Sonowal had said that the Bogibeel Bridge over Brahmaputra river will be inaugurated by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi by end of this year.

Here are five facts about Bogibeel bridge:

#1. Bogibeel bridge is a combined road and rail bridge in the Dibrugarh district of the Northeastern Indian state of Assam. Upon its expected completion in 2017.

#2. Bogibeel bridge, situated 17 kilometres downstream of Dibrugarh, spans the Brahmaputra river and will connect the town of Dibrugarh in the south to Dhemaji to the river's north. The bridge is located just over 20 kilometres away from the Assam- Arunachal Pradesh border.

#3. Bogibeel bridge traces its origins to the Assam Accord of 1985 and was one of several major infrastructural projects to be set up in Assam in accordance with the pact. It was sanctioned by the Government of India when H D Deve Gowda was the Prime Minister in 1997-98 and was expected to be completed by the end of the Ninth Five Year Plan. Bogibeel bridge is slated to be completed by the March 2017.

#4. It will be the longest bridge over the Brahmaputra and the longest combined rail and road bridge in India. However, due to late completion, this bridge will be overtaken as longest bridge over the Brahmaputra by Dhola-Sadiya Bridge which is a road bridge of length 9.15 KM.

#5. Bogibeel is the fourth rail-road bridge to come up across the river in Assam.

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