Why Shillong desperately needs “traffic jams”


By Nawaz Yasin Islam

SHILLONG: Meghalaya has witnessed a surge in the traffic flow over the years. Nothing comforting has come from the government in solving this menace. There are options, but they are unexplored.

This article aims at the brighter side of a scenario where movement of cars is nil.

“Sorry Sir, but the traffic was bad.”

Who doesn’t acknowledge the fact that everything happens for a reason? The best known is ‘good things falling apart so that better things can fall together.’

Ever spared a thought for the monstrous proportions at which things would go haywire if suddenly, the government intervenes and takes an exceptional stand to curb the traffic menace?

The first impact would be no more excuses.

The existing traffic scenario has helped one and all to be lazy, to avoid meetings, to be late for emergencies and to shy away from responsibilities with the universally accepted reason of ‘a bad traffic jam’.

Once solved, things can, for a change happen on time which again is unacceptable.

On a serious note, some people toiling day and night will get a break finally!

Teachers and students can start classes on time, Chief guests for meetings can be on time, and what is sadder is that officials in Government Institutes will ultimately have to be on time!

To put Shillong on track as a fast-paced town surging on the strides to development, this would mean files being ‘pushed’ on time, work done amidst the ‘red tea’, cigarettes, betel nuts and a load of other things happening on time.

The ‘Bermuda triangle’ has fewer mysteries associated with it than the Barik triangle, where traffic arises and remains stagnant for hours. Some sincere planning, it seems, knowing the fact that ‘time management’ can be the sole reason for a nation propelling towards the pinnacle.

VIP passes, clearing of roads and the unthinkable… creation of an entire VIP stretch for the important dignitaries is always possible. Well, no one wants to have their heads dismembered while setting up the same trap for others.

The fact is that this issue has been at the same level for all these months. Be it a problem or solution, upholding one deserves credibility. So, what if we are not rubbing shoulders with the high and mighty, every visitor to this tiny state can exclaim. “Look at that jam… beats America by a mile!”