Tripura's Unexplored & Hidden Waterfalls to look out for


By Jupiter Debbarma

Tripura is filled with beautiful waterfalls which are also a sight of endless beauty and fascination. These waterfalls are known for their natural beauty but are still unexplored and not known by many people.

"Twisa" is the Kokborok word for "Waterfall".

Here are Tripura's five Unexplored & Hidden Waterfalls:

Waiduk twisa

Waiduk twisa: This waterfall is the highest waterfall in Tripura. It is located in a remote place called Thalchhara Chhamanuꓹ Dhalai, Tripura and by road, it is 225 km from the capital city Agartala. This 300 ft high waterfall with a mesmerizing view to it, is yet to be explored by many.

Dumala twisa

Dumala twisa: It is located at the peak of Atharamura hill range of Champahourꓹ Khowai, Tripura. This waterfall is about 70 km from Agartala and again one needs to hike to reach the Dumala waterfall.

It is a popular location for both picnic and trekking, and the best part of the waterfall is a tiny pool at the bottom of it.

Pechartal twisa

Pechartal twisa: This waterfall is located in Andharcherra ADC village of UnakotiꓹTripura.

It is a beautiful and adventurous spot for nature lovers. A cave is also located near the waterfall and people can walk through the green forestꓹ cross the streamsꓹ bridges made of woodsꓹ bamboo and tree trunk.

It is 171 km from Agartala.

Saika twisa

Saika twisa: This waterfall is located in Longtarai, Dhalai districtꓹ Tripura. The natural beauty of the waterfall serves as a good environment for recreation and is approximately 120 km away from the capital city.

Kachari dumbur twisa

Kachari Dumbur Twisa: This waterfall is located in Kanchanpurꓹ Tripura and is mostly surrounded by thick dense forest with diverse flora and fauna.

It is one of the unexplored waterfalls of Tripura.

It is about 15 km away from Kanchanpur town and approximately 170 km from Agartala.

(Edited by Aparmita Das)