Doctor assaulted in Tripura’s Khowai district



A doctor was assaulted in a government hospital on December 3 at Khowai District in Tripura.

The assault of Dr Tamal Sarkar is not the first incident of a frontline worker being assaulted in Tripura, but a series of such incidents have taken place in the past.

Following the incident, All Tripura Government Doctors Association (ATGDA) said, “We would like to inform all our members to protect themselves. We urge you to be mentally prepared while working in a government hospital. It is only then that your self-esteem will be maintained.”

The incident took place when the doctor was busy in the emergency block of Khowai District hospital as a patient’s family who was in the hospital requested to check on their patient.

It was reported that the patient was in a vehicle which was parked outside the hospital. The doctor asked the family members to bring the patient inside the hospital as it was not possible for him to leave the emergency block. On receiving the reply, the family members assaulted the doctor.

Several doctors in the past have faced one attack or the other in Tripura. The Medical Superintendent has confirmed the incident, and an FIR is yet to be registered.

(Edited by Christopher Gatphoh)