WWE superstar Great Khali to attend International MMA event in Sikkim



WWE superstar, the 'Great Khali' and Bollywood actor Sahil Khan will visit Sikkim on April 17 for the upcoming international Mixed Martial Art (MMA) event.

The two celebrities will attend the MMA fight night and also promote the game in the state during the visit.

The event will be hosted by the Indian Fight Night and organised by Team FITB 27, event head Bishal Chettri - Mr Sikkim 2019.

Khali had earlier released the official MMA T-shirt at Film City, Mumbai on February 19, 2021, as part of the MMA promotional campaign.

While MMA is trying to make inroads into India in recent times, there is still a long way to go for the sport to become popular in India, and events like these will certainly promote the game.

(Edited by Shankar Kumar Turha)


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