SPYF stage protest demanding review of transport policies



The Sikkim Progressive Youth Forum is staging an ongoing sit-in-protest for the second consecutive day in the capital.

Their demands are to remove restrictions in transportation, allowing pillion rider in two wheelers and to run the state’s SNT buses without increasing the rates.

“It seems we will miss this year’s Dashain. Everyone of us is ready for this sacrifice. It may hurt our parents and elders back home, but none among us who are sleeping on this floor is much disappointed about skipping a Dashain. The exorbitant high fare of vehicles is a direct attack on the pocket of the common man who has already lost so much during the stringent lockdown and an indirect attack because of the resulting price rise of essential commodities is going to make this Dashain difficult,” said one of its members.

The youth forum members have criticised the government on the handling of transportation.

Meanwhile, the state government has given no official statement.


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