Sikkim: “Leisure land” to be built at Temi Tea garden to boost tourism



By Nitesh R Pradhan

A “leisure land” will be constructed at sector 17 of the Temi Tea garden estate to boost tourism prospects of the area, Sikkim Chief Minister PS Golay announced on Monday during the ongoing Temi Autumn carnival.

The Temi Tea garden estate in South Sikkim at present attracts many tourists and is the state’s premium tea which has won many international awards, including the recent bronze medal at Tea Festival in France.

However, the road to Temi is currently in a ragged condition and Golay said that the government would look to pitch it at the earliest.

The CM also said that five-room homestays will be built across Sikkim based on traditional ethnic designs of various communities of the state.

(Edited by Laxmi Chyrmang)