Female bodybuilder from Sikkim breaks stereotypes



Women in Sikkim have proved their mettle in almost every field, however, some professions like bodybuilding have remained a male-dominated sports activity.

Breaking gender barriers, Lamin Theengh has taken professional bodybuilding against all odds.

A mother and a government servant by profession, 40-year old Theengh has taken part in many bodybuilding competitions and won them.

Theengh took bodybuilding after she gained a lot of weight post-pregnancy and since then training at the gym has become another profession for her.

Considering her other commitments, Theengh states that it was a challenge for her to dive into the profession and break the conventional stereotype of mothers not taking part in bodybuilding.

She credits her family for actively motivating her to transform her body.

Lamin is planning to take part in future competitions and feels that it was her interest in bodybuilding that made her fit and self-confident.

(Edited by Shankar Kumar Turha)


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