Meghalaya authorities issue new arrangements for opening of shops in Iewduh market



The East Khasi Hills district administration, on Saturday, issued fresh arrangements for the opening of shops at Iewduh, Meghalaya's largest traditional market. 

 Here are the new arrangements:

>> Only 15 per cent of shops/stalls in fixed establishments are permitted to open per day i.e number of shops/stalls will not exceed 185 per day inside Iewduh. These will be identified by y the Syiem of Hima Mylliem in consultation with the Incident Commander, Zone IV, Shillong. 

>> 184 hawkers recognised by the Syiem of Hima Mylliem are permitted to operate per day at Iewduh. The Syiem of Hima Mylliem will make seating arrangements such that prescribed social distancing of two metres is maintained by the hawkers. 

>> Of the above, essential/perishable items are permitted to open twice a week while non-essential and other semi-essential shops are permitted to open once a week. 

>> Basa doh (butcher stalls) and Basa Dohkha (fish market) are also permitted to re-open on a rotation basis and should not exceed 15 per cent in one day. 

>> Basa Jhur (vegetable market) shall be remained closed till further orders. 

Conditions to be followed at the market:

>> The Incident Commander and Syiem of Hima Mylliem will regulate the opening of the above mention basa/stalls and ensure that the number of shops/stalls open on a single day should not exceed the limit mentioned above. 

>> The Syiem of Hima Mylliem will depute adequate police personnel and volunteers to strictly enforce all protocols including physical distancing, mark wearing and hand hygiene.

>> The shopkeepers would be responsible for maintaining physical distance between the customers and avoid crowding at all times

>> All customers should also wear a double mask all the time while purchasing things from the market. They should practice hand hygiene and physical distancing. 

>> People should not shake hands, come in direct contact or hug each other in greeting. 

>> All shopkeepers and vendors must wear masks properly by covering their nose, mouth and chin parts of the face at all times. 

>> The Market Committee under the Syiem of Hima Mylliem is authorised to levy fines on shop owners/people who do not adhere to the COVID-19 protocols or spit in open/public places

>> Market Committee must ensure that regular sanitisation of the markets is carried out before and after business hours. 

>> Market Committees must ensure that customers bring their own bags and avoid the use of plastic bags as much as possible to minimise the chance of spread of the virus, as it lasts longer on smooth and non-porous surfaces in comparison to porous surfaces like cloth. 

>> There should be minimal time spent by the customers at a shop. More exposure might lead to cross-infections. 

>> Shop owners and hawkers will ensure that no business is conducted on days not permitted. 

>> The Incident Commander, Zone IV will depute magistrates and police personnel to ensure observance of protocols by all at the market.

Symptomatic persons, persons from containment zones, senior citizens above the age of 60, pregnant women and children below the age of 10 should not visit the market

>> It is strongly urged that all shopkeepers and hawkers should be vaccinated before being permitted to sit inside the market. 

>> As per the order of the Meghalaya High Court, all shops should display the vaccination status of the shopkeepers and staff in the visible/distinct locations as “VACCINATED or NOT VACCINATED”

>> Shopkeepers and staff not willing to get vaccinated will have to produce an RT-PCR negative report every 10 days

>> Any violation of the protocols will result in immediate shop-closure.

(Edited by Ibankyntiew Mawrie)

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