Nagaland NGOs protest against delay in implementing RIIN



The call for early implementation of the Register of Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland (RIIN) has gained momentum once again as tribal bodies, civil society organisations and NGOs in the state took to the streets on Friday in protest against the delay.

They held the peaceful protest rally under the banner of the Joint Committee on Prevention of Illegal Immigrants (JCPI).

“The exercise of RIIN is an initiative of the State Government to which the tribal Hohos and the civil society organisations of Nagaland had endorsed and unequivocally declared their support,” JCPI convenor Atomi Swu said.

“The Bano’s Commission that was set up for RIIN had consulted all sections of our society and had successfully submitted the comprehensive report which was rectified and approved by the Cabinet. However, what people are failing to understand is when all steps are cleared, why the State Government cannot bring out an Act to this effect and implement the exercise of RIIN?” Swu asked.

Swu also maintained that the delay in implementing the RIIN would be an "enormous threat "to Naga society.

“If RIIN is not implemented, we cannot issue ILP, and without ILP, illegal immigrants will flood our state, and this would certainly have a social, economic and political impact on our society,” he said.

Swu informed that 48 organisations took part in the protest in Dimapur.

“Such unity shows the sincerity of the people. They should implement the RIIN as soon as possible with the cut-off year of 1-12-1963. The state government must place the report before the people so that the people will know what is the content of the Bano committee findings,” he said.

“We are confident that the government will not neglect the voice of the people. However, if the government cannot fulfil the demands, we will have to take democratic steps,” he added.

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