Nagaland Cong disagrees with four-point Assembly resolution on Indo-Naga political issue



The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC), on February 26, held its Executive Committee meeting on the Indo-Naga Political issue, at Congress Bhavan in Kohima.

Addressing the media, NPCC President K. Therie stated that the Nagaland Congress do not agree with the four-point Assembly Resolution on the Indo-Naga political issue, which was passed in the recently concluded 7th session of the 13th Nagaland Legislative Assembly.

Therie said that the resolution is only a roadblock to the Naga people and added that there cannot be one solution for the Indo-Naga political issue.

“We do not agree with the State Assembly resolution of demanding one solution. When integration has been ruled out, how can they make one solution for all the Nagas?” said Therie.

Therie pointed out that the present state government just wants to prolong time.

“As far as the Naga inhabited areas are integrated, the idea of one solution is possible. However, if Nagas live under their respective State Governments, there have to be different solutions," he added.

He said that the resolution is just to please the Government of India (GoI), as they have nothing to lose in the scenario.

“It is the Nagas who will be at a loss,” he said.

Therie also said that the Congress party has unanimously resolved to appeal to GoI for early implementation of the solution.

It may be mentioned that the Center’s Interlocutor and Governor RN Ravi has informed that talks have concluded regarding the matter.