Here are the winners of 11th Music Awards of Nagaland


KOHIMA | Nov 09, 2019:

The 11th annual Music Awards of Nagaland (MAN) took place today at Regional Centre of Excellence for Music & Performing Arts (RCEMPA), Jotsoma in Kohima under the aegis of Native Trax Society.

This year witnessed a total of 19 award categories ranging from local to pop fusion, Hindi, gospel etc. The awards were given away by Ajeen Longchari, James Swu, Oren Mozhui, Wenyitso Kapfo, Jhonny D' Ascoli, Khyochano TCK Ngully, Dr. Hovithal Sothu, Aleno, Seyievinuo Chuzho, Mengu Suokhrie, Abel Assumi, Vesato Thuluo, Khrienuo Liezietsu and  Obed Kath.

The event was attended by Dr. Neikiesalie Nicky Kire, advisor urban development & municipal affairs, who also presented a special number song.

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Dzuvingunuo Keli-o, Neilakuonuo Metha, Asung Imchen and Seyievinuo Chuzo also performed at the programme.
Imli Lee hosted the award ceremony.

This 11th edition was held with active support of the Task Force for Music & Arts (TaFMA ) advisor Theja Meru Project Director Dr Hovithal Sothu.



Best Music Video: Psycho K4/ Legacy
Best Gospel Song: Powerfaith/ Paraclete.
Best Gospel ( Hindi/Local Dialects):Temumongba
Ozukumn/ Tesangwadak Ranglokdi
Best Pop Song: Virie/ Lost.
Best Pop (Hindi/Local Dialects): NK Naga/Bapu
Best Instrumental: Atso Chaise/The Grand Bison.
Best EDM Song: Ina/ Hills of Silence
Best Rock Song: Trance Effect/ New Beginning.
Best Rap/Hiphop Song: Moko Koza/Happy Today.

Best Folk Fusion Song/ Tetseo Sisters/The Tati song
Best Producer/Mhaseve Tetseo/The Tati song
Best sound Engineer/ Vitz Zhimo/ Lost( Virie)
Best Video Director: TBos/ Legacy ( Psycho k4)
Best Lyricist/Songwriter: Imnamaong/ New Beginning ( Trance Effect)
Best Upcoming Artiste: Temsu Clover/Confessions of a bipolar mind.
Best cover song: Lapla Oungh/Father (Demi Lovato)
Best Upcoming Band/ Erase Monday/ Waves
Trailblazer Award/ Alem Alia Jr.
Song of the year" Macnivil/ Wait for me