Eastern Nagaland People Organisation supports ENSF's demands



The Eastern Nagaland People Organisation (ENPO) on Friday, said that the organisation fully supports the demand raised by the Eastern Naga Students' Federation (ENSF) vis-a-vis the Nagaland Staff Selection Board and Nagaland Public Service Commission.

ENPO president Kekongchim Yimchunger said, "The demands of the ENSF are the legitimate rights of the Eastern people because the deprivation of the Eastern people started right from the attainment of Statehood and continues to be the same."

"As a human being, if I don't get my rights, I have to agitate; that is the only democratic process of achieving our goal."

Yimchunger has asked the Nagaland Government to be serious in resolving the issues as the demands raised by ENSF are not random but based on relevant facts and figures that they have obtained from the office.


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"The government should take the situation very seriously and take a wise decision and avoid giving false assurances just to appease and normalise the situation," Yimchunger added.

"If they give false assurance to the ENSF and if they cannot deliver, the outcome will be the worst."

Furthermore, Yimchunger said, unless the ENPO is invited for consultations or talks by the government, they will not interfere in this matter.

The ENSF has been holding a series of agitation in the state in protest against the Nagaland government for not fulfilling its demands related to the Nagaland Staff Selection Board (NSSB) and non-implementation of personnel and administrative reforms by the Nagaland Public Service Commission (NPSC).


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