All about '8' - Tripura rapper Hrangkhawl and Nagaland's Moko Koza explain


By Ladiangti Rani


Tripura's rapper Borkung Hrangkhawl recently released a new song called '8' featuring Nagaland's rapper Moko Koza, which talks about how Northeast Mc's (or emcee), have been struggling for a long time to get the recognition and the credit they deserve.

Talking about the music video which is on Borkung's Youtube channel, he explained why he started the video, with him being blindfolded.

"The blindfold suggests that we need to open our eyes and see that the major labels won't come to help or promote us. So it's high time we realise that we need to do this on our own and make it on our own. But if they do, it'll be good for the North East (NE)," he said.

The lines from the song were hard-hitting, with both rappers sharing their experiences and expressing their feelings. Some verses have caught the eye of the public and TNT-The Northeast Today will explain what these verses mean.

Tripura's rapper Borkung Hrangkhawl.

Borkung explained that the line, 'Stripped of an award, cause I'm from the Eastside', is personal. But let me put it this way, I was supposed to get an award because the one who was supposed to select the winner wanted me to win but the in-charge told the person that I cannot get the award. This was informed to me by that very person. It happened and I moved on from it."

Talking about MTV Hustle, Moko explained that it is not a personal attack but only talked about the experience he had in the past.

"It was back in 2019. I received a call from the MTV Hustle for an invitation to audition at the show. They wanted to know what language I rap. English was my medium language and they held back because they were only looking for rappers who rapped in Hindi from the Northeast. It's nothing personal against the MTV Hustle. I felt like I had to let it out on the song."

Nagaland's rapper Moko Koza.

When asked why rappers tend to diss each other in songs, Borkung and Moko both replied saying, "it is a sport."

"Dissing is a part of the rap game so it's a sport. All the mc's involved in the diss took it as a sport. We have no personal issue with each other," Borkung said.

"Lately, the northeast Hip-Hop has been making a lot of noise with all the scenes that have been happening. To put it out in simple terms, Hip-Hop has always been competition and therefore, the people should take it as a sport and in a positive way. The culture of diss game is kinda new to the audience here and usually, the people tend to take sides and spew hatred towards the other rapper. Well, with time this will all change when the listeners will get to know the insight of it. There has never been any hatred between fellow rappers. It's all a sport. Even the audience should take it that way." Moko added.


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